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Table columns descriptions:

Year – publication year of a study from which data points were extracted

Journal – name of a journal in which a study was publiched

Common Name – common name of a species used in a study

Model – whether used species/strain are model laboratory animals (1=yes, 0=no)

Sex – sex of animals used in comparison (M=males, F=females, N=none/hermaphrodite or MF=males and females)

Type – type of dietary restriction (FW= food weight, where exactly the same food was given in smaller quantities without the above consideration with or without microelement supplementation; BW= body weight, where weekly adjustments were made in order to keep the treatment group at a prescribed percentage body weight less than that of the controls (either by averages or pair-feeding), it is very similar type to food weight; FC= food concentration, where treatments were placed in a food medium of a certain dilution of the control amount; FD= feeding day, where both groups were fed ad libitum but the treatment groups were only allowed access to the food on certain days.  NM=nutrient content manipulation; CNM=caloric and nutrient manipulation)

Strain – strain name/type of animals used in comparison (WT = wild type)

Repro – reproductive status of animals used in comparison (0=virgin, 1=reproducing)

Age2 – age (in days) of dietary restricted animals used in comparison at the beginning of the experiment

N2 – number of dietary restricted animals used in comparison at the beginning of the experiment

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#YearJournalCommon NameModelSexTypeStrainReproAge2N2 
12004FASEB JHousefly0MFWWT_housefly04200
22004FASEB JHousefly0MFWWT_housefly04200
32004FASEB JHousefly0MFWWT_housefly04200
42004FASEB JHousefly0MFWWT_housefly04200
52004FASEB JHousefly0MFWWT_housefly04200
62004FASEB JHousefly0MFCWT_housefly04200
72004FASEB JHousefly0MFCWT_housefly04200
82004FASEB JHousefly0MFCWT_housefly04200
92004FASEB JHousefly0MFCWT_housefly04200
102004FASEB JHousefly0MFCWT_housefly04200
121989EXP GERONTOLBowl&DoilySpider0FFWWT_bdspider11036
131989EXP GERONTOLBowl&DoilySpider0FFWWT_bdspider11036